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Mitsubshi Heavy Worm Gear Unit

High load capacity
The worm and worm wheel mesh with each other on concave and convex surfaces. This increases the relative radius of curvature and reduces stress on the tooth surface, thus raising relative transmission capacity.
Worm wheel tooth thickness can be increased without weakening worm strength, giving the teeth higher bending strength.

High efficiency, long life
The line of simultaneous contact between worm and worm wheel forms a nearly 90°„angle in the direction of motion, facilitating the formation of a lubricating oil film between the teeth surfaces, for higher transmission efficiency. This film also reduces abrasion, resulting in longer tooth life.

High reliability
The excellent performance characteristics of Mitsubishi worm gears are available in wide range of worm gear units, all offering superior efficiency and reliability.

High maintainability
As easy handling cylindrical worm is employed for quick, simple assembly and maintenance. Separate worm gear sets (worm and worm wheel) are available for specific applications.

1.Factory serial number

2.Date of manufacture

3.Type and model

4.Actual gear ratio
Gear ratio figure is rounded to two decimals and is indicated.

5.Brand of lubricating oil

6.Nominal input power(KW)

7.Input shaft speed

8.Oil capacity
The oil capacity specified on the name plate of the reducer is only for a guidancde of the oil quantity

Hollow shaft type

Base mounting reducer